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about me

I'm a Midwestern thirty something dude with a thirst for beauty.

To be honest, I completely fell into this gig. As a self-taught musician and engineer, I just wanted to make and record pretty sounds for the pure joy of it.

However, those sounds hit the ears of local production companies and to my surprise, I was suddenly in business.

Born and raised in metro Detroit, my career started as a production assistant during a wave of Michigan film incentive Hollywood films like Whip It, Red Dawn, and Cedar Rapids. And boom operator for one of Dave Bautista's earliest films, House of the Rising Sun.


Simultaneously, I was writing music and mixing audio for clients until it made sense for me to take the jump and set up shop in Grand Rapids, where I had attended college and made those formative relationships with awesome production companies.

After twelve years, some days have felt like Singing In The Rain, and others have felt like bringing the Ring to Mount Doom, but overall, the adventure of creating with others is a roller coaster that still gives me those rewarding butterflies! Let's make something great together!

I'm a husband, dad, and enjoy skateboarding, saunas, and all things pickled.

Just hire me.

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